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un Jiadong walked away with the most prestigious science and technology prize. They also received a cash prize of 5 million yuan, or 730-thousand US dollars each.Full text of Chinese premie▓r´s speech at University of CambridgeLUSAKA, June 1

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0 (Xinhua) -- A top Zambian government official warns the southern African country risks lagging behind in technology advancement if there is no investment in space science, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.Gabrie▓l Namulamb

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e, the minister of science, technology and cocational training, said there was need to promote and exploit▓ science and technology as an instrument for development▓, adding that an environmentally friendly and indigen▓ous technological capacity wa

ly the same way as those from any other group," Wan▓ said.The nation's brightest minds have been given top h▓onors a